CERE Seminar on Climate Change


The seminar conducted on 2nd August by Ms. Katy Rustom and Ms. Damini Shewkani, Centre of Environment Research and Education (CERE) at RFD Panday School was on the topic of Climate Change. The scope of the seminar was to introduce students to solar energy and on the need for solar energy in a broader context. Students were introduced with the impacts of climate change across the globe, such as extreme climate, increase in natural disasters, spread of diseases. Topics such as greenhouse effect, global warming, sea level rise were thoroughly discussed. Students actively participated and interacted on human activities causing global warming. The seminar concluded by proposing solutions to reduce impacts of climate change and global warming as well as by discussing the benefits of solar energy for the school. Lastly, students were left with a challenge to prepare posters on “WHY SOLAR?”