Correspondence between French and Indian School


In a world where people are relying on the internet to connect and communicate, handwritten letters are close to be forgotten. Having a Pen pal, beyond the boundaries of a country widens the horizon of knowledge for a person in different ways.
In a small city called Roquefort, from the Aveyron region in France, the students of L’école Privée de Roquefort (5th grade), wrote beautiful handwritten letters to which the students of Bai R.F.D. Panday Girls’ High School, Mumbai, India, responded with enthusiasm and creativity. This just being the start, there would be multiple occasions throughout the academic year on which the students shall connect again through letters.
This correspondence will help the students of both the schools to interact and share details, not just about their lives, city, and their culture but will also aid them to connect on a more personal level.