English Extempore



English Extempore


Our English Extempore competition was held on 29th Aug Tuesday in the school hall.

Std VIII, IX and X participated for the same.

The judges were Mrs. S. Commissariat and Mrs. A. Dubash.

There were 11 participants.

The participants spoke on many interesting topics like:-

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. The time to be happy is, now.
  3. Music has healing powers
  4. What I learned in the lockdown

And many more topics.

The first prize was bagged by Pragati Sharma (Orange House) of std X. The second prize was shared by Tanya Shah (Blue House) and Bushra Pasta (Green House) of std IX. The third prize Khushi Mishra (Orange House) of std X. Four consolation prizes were given.

The speakers spoke very well with confidence. The judges admired their content, delivery, expression and ease. The competition ended with a vote of thanks and a small memento for the judges.